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Reprinted the September 1, 1972 issue of Muhammad Speaks

A Majestic Lady of Courage, Gentleness

WHEN THE VOICE of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad stirred the audience
with the teaching of Islam Sister Clara Muhammad was always the perfect
help-meet, giving great example to the Messenger’s address and purposeful
witness to all Black women.

DEEP IN THOUGHT the late Sister Clara Muhammad is seen at a rally
contemplating the wise words of Messenger Muhammad. Her serenity of
spirit, purposeful direction and dutiful service to the Nation of Islam
was a great inspiration.

ALWAYS AT THE side of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Sister Clara
Muhammad was a shining example of righteousness, dedication and devotion

By Leon Forrest, Editor

CHICAGO–The noble stature and virtuous path carved out for the Muslim
woman by this meek and majestic lady — as she gave beacon light and
graceful examples to the mighty directives of Messenger Muhammad — as
she sought the restoration of the Black woman as Queen of the Universe
cannot be reduced and measured, either by sentence, or Death.

   AS THE TENDERLY beloved help-meet of Muhammad for 55 years, Sister
Clara Muhammad — in her deeply moving, quite way — set a sterling,
ringing national standard for all Black women to follow.

    SISTER CLARA MUHAMMAD recreated the very definitions of devotion
and righteousness, submission and honorable, zealous, good works that
sustained Muhammad during those early, burdensome years of the Nation of
Islam, when the Muslims were despised by their confused, lost – brothers,
and persecuted by the constant enemy.

    But meekness and inner spiritual purpose, which rises, flame-like
out of an undying, unvanquished vision of the ultimate goodness of Blacks
– set before the fires of a turbulent earth of chaos, in a brutal,
lynching, devouring land, cannot be taken as weakness — before the fire,
but rather the very resources of a great, beautiful, renewed, Black
Nation, hugely anchored by and ben upon bringing freedom, justice and
equality and a new world of righteousness into this world on fire. And in
this especial sense, SISTER CLARA MUHAMMAD was the spiritual pilgrim
mother of a Nation of motherless children — as she was the true Black
mother of eight devoted children and the great resource – companion and
absolute ally of her honorable crusading, warrior-husband: Muhammad.

    She never trembled before the blazing odds, which saw her
courageous husband herded into jail for five years, because he would not
lead his people into slaughter and destroy his Asiatic brothers — when
she knew the true measure and trumpeting time for the Black man must be
severely bent upon the awesome task of building this Black Nation, in an
evil land.

   She knew the days of our crucifixion — as a people were numbered–
and that our promise as a people could not be lynched upon the tree, when
her God ultimately controlled that tree’s seasons, and harvest, branch
and potential; when she knew that the true measure and trumpeting time
and energetic motion for the Black man and his help-meet, must be
fashioned towards achieving this Nation.

    MUHAMMAD HAS sent forth the call and the way for the proper actions
of the modern Black woman. It is a way of modesty, purpose, total
commitment to her husband, her Nation, a celebration of ordered
Blackness, directed children, a serenity of soul beauty. Amid the modern
Black woman’s confused struggle about here identity, all points and
beacons, thoughts and conversations about ‘role’ should supremely start
with the modest SISTER CLARA MUHAMMAD. Her sterling example, in a land
that privately and publically attempted to destroy her husband, with
Biblical vengeance, right down to her whole noble battle with Death is
not only a clear and perfect statement of the way she turned the Black
condition into a glorious example, but an epic testament that should make
all Black women meditate a-new their own lives.

   SISTER CLARA MUHAMMAD manifested a new path for the Black woman. We
are not less by her passage but emboldened by the river depths of this
stellar-flower, this gentle spirit — not levelled by a Death — just as
she was not levelled by life

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