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Explanation of Master Fard Muhammad

By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

Transcribed from an audio-cassette tape of the same title.

…You are surrounded with water. The Great Pacific Ocean stretches out
several thousand square miles. Millions of square miles. Here you thinks
that you were safe. No Nation could attack you between these two great
oceans. You was long ways from any attacker. This was in the heads of
your fathers. But today you find that the earth is very narrow. With
modern transportation. Circling around the earth in less than a days
time. You have learned that you are not out of the reach of God, Who can
find us wherever we may be. As The Book teaches you, even though you may
go an ascend above the clouds or into the heavens, or at the bottom of
the ocean, nevertheless He will get us just the same. No way to hide. The
Judgment has come. Who shall be the Judge. According to the Bible in the
25th chapter and the 30th verse to the 34th verse of the 25th chapter of
Matthew (the Bible), it teaches us like this, according to the prophecy
of Jesus, at least its put here as the words of Jesus. Goes something
like this. When the Son of Man shall come in His Glory and all the holy
angels with Him, then shall He sit upon the throne of His Glory. Here.
Let’s take a look at this. When the Son of Man shall come in His Glory.
In His Time. And in the Day or Year that He should take for Himself to
rule the people in righteousness and Judge the unrighteous and give to
the righteous, their reward and bring upon the unrighteous, the
consequences of their doings of evil. He shall sit upon the throne of His
Glory. He shall, not say have a seat, sitting down, but He has the power
that He is now ready to execute within His own hands. Within His own
Person, to do according to Justice and righteousness as it was predicted
for Him to do before His appearance. Thirty-second: And before Him shall
be gathered all Nations. Think over this. Before Him shall be gathered
all Nations. Not one but all the Nations. And He shall separated them,
one from another.

Did you say you didn’t want to be separated, my poor Black people, here
in America? But here, it is written that you shall be separated. It is
prophesied and written in the Book of Moses, that in the beginning God
separated the sons of Adam. The sons of Adam meaning the various colors
that was made through grafting the color white out of Blackman, so God,
Almighty, To Whom Praise is due, has taught me, Master Fard Muhammad. Try
and dispute anything. You can’t do it today. Everything is made manifest.
You can’t do no disputing. You’d only make a fool of yourself, trying to
dispute truth, when it has made its’ appearance.

Here we have, that before Him shall be gathered all Nations. All the
Nations of the earth, today, we bear witness, is now at war with each
other. We bear witness that all the Nations today is now gathered before
God, Almighty. Who shall Judge us? The Son of Man. Who is the Son of Man?
Now, you ask the big question. It shall be answered. He’s not a spirit.
HE IS A MAN, HIMSELF! And only Man can judge or dictate or confer or have
any sympathy in the affairs of a man. There is no interest that man takes
in no life on the earth, as he takes in another man. He have no interest
in trying to take in another life, a beast life, a fowl life, sea life,
beast life, as He, Himself and His kind. He has great interest in the
affairs of his fellow man. But not any other life. He will treat other
life fairly, but He has too much superiority over other lives, therefore
He looks upon them as a low creature to Himself and His Kind. The
interest in the affairs of man. So The Son of Man must be the Judge of
man. It takes Man, who are interested in man to sit as judge over man and
man’s affairs. I want you who has been taught that the Son of Man is some
kind of spook or the Coming of the Son of Man is spooky and not flesh
and blood, or matter, that we can see and feel, you have been made to
believe other-than the real truth. Almighty God to Whom Praise is Due
Forever, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad demands you and me today
to prove that God is such thing that has been taught to you and me, some
kind of spirit or spook. He demands us to prove these things. He demands
our teachers who have deceived us to prove such teachings, as God is
something other than man. His appearance. His name should have taught us
that God is a Man. His Name, the pronoun used for Masculine, should have
taught us that God is a Man. His hearing. His seeing. And His thinking.
And His revealing things to us in our language and His tender care for
us. And His part taken in our affairs should have taught us that God is a
Man. He sees. He hears. He knows. He acts like we and He is a Person. His
wisdom is taught to us, Whom He pleases. He is a Man. The Son of Man. Why
is He mentioned as The Son of Man, instead of just saying A Man shall sit
and Judge the Nations of the World? But why He’s referred to as Son of
Man? It is to teach us this lesson. That He is part of a made man and
part of an Original man, who had no beginning, nor ending. He’s part of
the two. He’s part of the people, Whom He comes to Judge and to destroy.
And He’s part of the people that He comes to Save. This gives Him that
particular good and merciful love for that people, the Aboriginal People
of Whom He is part of. It gives Him that anger and that warlike spirit
and that merciful like spirit of the enemy, whom He’s part of. As you it
in the Bible, He’s made from both.

Let’s take a look in the Revelation here. “And I saw a woman sitting in
heaven, with a crown upon her head and the elders was with her and she
had the moon under her feet.” These are symbolic things that is said to
you, but nevertheless, she had a son. The woman was there with the son.
Not a literal son. This woman is the mother of the Man. The Son of Man,
born in heaven from a woman taken from the Caucasian people. But
nevertheless was made pure. As you used to hear it said that Mary, God
taking seven devils out of Mary in order to make her fit to bear Jesus.

I want you to know that this is not referring to Mary in Palestine, 2000
years ago. This is the mother of the Mahadiah, The Mahdi, as He’s called
by the Arab and by the Qur’an. The name Mahdi, or Mahadiah, means One
coming at the end of the world, self-independent and self-guided and
comes to guide others. He, Himself, is Self-Guided. This is God in
Person. You find this in the 22nd Surah of the Qur’an.

Let us take a look, again. Since you have known that the Son of Man, as
you made it Jesus 2000 years ago, that He was to be born and given a body
suitable to condemn the wicked and to get among the wicked so that He
could get a first-hand their evil doings. He comes among them, as the
Jesus prophesied, without observation. This is a good way to not
recognize a Man, when He looks like you. When He came among us, He looked
something like us. He favored our people. We could let Him in. And I was
one who let Him in my home. He ate with me for many days. I listened to
His knock on my door. At that time, I had no doorbell. It was just a
door. And He knocked on my door and I…

The Revelations, how it teachings of how He will knock on the door,
whosoever let Him in and give Him food, He also would eat with them. So,
now, I’m dining with Him. Because in those days, I was very hungry. Had
not good food to eat.

Let’s take another look at it. (Coughing) Pardon me. “And He shall
separate them, one from another.” “As a shepherd divides his sheep from
the goat.” Here the sheep, as you know, represent the righteous. The goat
represents the wicked. Again, you know this to be true. Because you have
read this time and again and again. And the nature of a goat is
mischief-making. And the nature of a sheep is peace and harmony. This is
two animals very very good to describe the righteous and the wicked. And
we know that Black people are not mischief-makers. They are very
peaceful. If we are to ourselves, we do not seek to lynch and burn one
another. We can always agree, if we are left alone. And keep the white
man out of our home and out of our presence. And out of our problems that
we want to solve for the makings of peace.

The Judgment, as this, you will find another album on the same subject,
because this kind subject cannot be put on one album. It takes hours to
bring you into the real of the Judgment that is now prevailing over the
white world of man. It’s a sad time and its a mean, wicked time. It’s a
time of anger. A time of warring, one against the other. A time of no
spirit of God working among the evil-doers. They are let loose like wild
animals to do all of their hearts desire of evil. Everything that they
can imagine is evil, as it was in the Day of Sodom and Gomorrah, the
Bible teaches us, that God said the very imagination of them was to do
evil. And in the Days of Noah’s flood, the same. The people’s whole heart
had gone over to the doings of evil. So it is today, as you see it.

The Son of Man, “Then shall the King say unto them on His right hand…”
He’s, now, the King. He was The Son of Man … but when He gets them
separated, He becomes the King. He shall say, to them on His right hand,
“Come ye blessed of my father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, inherit
the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.” It was
already the Kingdom of the Righteous. They were before the foundation of
the evil race. They ruled in righteous. The earth was theirs. The earth
still belongs to them. Come now, after the King conquers, this is what is
said here. After He conquers the goats, put the goats to themselves, out
of the pasture of the righteous, He says now, “This is your Kingdom. It
was yours in the Beginning. And now take your kingdom and be at peace.
Enjoy it. It was created for you.” Wonderful my people! There is no
beginning to Black. We have no birth record of Him. The earth belongs to
the Black people. It is not something they have to fight for. It’s
already theirs. They just take for themselves now and rule it. And become
the entire power of it, as it is already their home. Their fathers made
it for us to enjoy. An enemy came in and made us an enemy. But this is
the end. This is the Judgment of the enemy.

We are going to move further and further into this subject. He says, that
it was prepared for the righteous from the beginning. Then He comes in
the 35th verse, in a Time of the Judgment, for this work is in the Time
of the Judgment. When He made His appearance among them, He sometime was
hungry. Sometime He was naked. We bought him clothes. We gave Him food.
This is true. For I was hungry and he gave me meat. I was thirsty, he
gave me drink. I was a stranger and you took me in. I was a stranger in
the country in the country. No one knew who I was, but you took me in.
So, now, enter into the joy of your Lord. Be happy. I have conquered the
world. In words He’s saying now. And I want to pay you for your kindness
to Me, when I was not known. Only you, I revealed Myself to. Now, I want
you to know, that I want to reward you for feeding, and clothing and
sheltering me in the days when I was not known by this world. Enter into
the joy. I want to make you happy. It is all yours.

Let’s see what the Holy Qur’an has to say about this. The Holy Qur’an
also mentions the Judgment as being a time when all the nations would be
gathered together. He says, here, which makes it a little more plainer to
us, under the title of ___________ in the fourth section, 28th verse of
the Chapter or Surah 45 of the Holy Qur’an. The 28th verse says, “And
you shall see every Nation kneeling down. Every Nation shall be called to
it’s Book. Today you shall be rewarded for what did”. Think over that.

Every Nation kneeling down. Every Nation submitting to the Record that
they kept themselves in their own Book. Every Nation has a Book of
records. They call it the History of that Nation. All God wants man to
do, and that Day and in this Day and time we are living in, to submit to
your own doing. As the Holy Qur’an teaches us, around the 76th or 75th
Surah, that man will be made to confess his own doing and will not charge
his own evil to another. It goes something like this, “The spirit of
self, the self-accusing spirit, or self accuses self of it’s
shortcomings.” I say to you. It says here in the 29th verse of the 45th
Chapter…This is our book that speaks against you with Justice. He comes
to do justice. See the finishing of this on the second album, The
Judgment. Buy both for the same price. Thank you.